We Focus on Fibre Arts

Fibrations is a not-for-profit organization originally foundedd to promote the work of fibre artists and quilt makers through both independent exhibitions and projects, and in connection with other artistic events such as musical performances.

The primary focus of the group over the last several years has become Fibre Content. This is a juried show of quilts and fibre art pieces by Canadian artists. More information on the current show can be found on the Home Page. Information on past shows, as well as full Web galleries, can be found on respective 2012 and 2014 show pages.

Over the years we have designed, and continue to develop, a professional online system to accept and jury entries to our shows. This system is now being used by Canadian Quilters’ Association National Juried Show, as well as other juried exhibitions. If you would like to bring your show into the 21st century, send us an email.

In addition to the biennial exhibition at the Art Gallery of Burlington, Fibrations is teaming up with galleries throughout Ontario to organize a travelling exhibition of some of the pieces from the main Fibre Content show.

Organizing exhibitions and events requires funding, generously provided by friends and participants in the various exhibitions. If you wish to donate, sponsor, or volunteer with either a specific project or Fibrations programs in general, please contact us.

Your financial support and your interest in fibre arts are appreciated!